Sewly Tailoring Policy

1. Garments for Alteration and Tailoring must be clean. **only clean garments will be accepted**
2. We do not accept competitor coupons.
3. We are not responsible for any garments left over 30 days of the due date/pick-up date.
4. Garments that are left over 30 days of the due date/pick-up date will be donated to the charitable organizations.
5. We are only responsible for quality of work,not premeasured clothing, or clothing shrinkage.
6. We only press or iron what we work on (ironing or pressing of the entire garment is available at extra charge and it has to be requested).
7. All garments are cleaned per instructions or at Customers risk if different method is requested.
8. If not completely satisfied, please return garment within 24 hours with receipts.
9. Please check items carefully before leaving the premises.
10. All claims for damage or missing items must be received with 24 hours of payment for service.
11. Payment: Cash and Credit card (Master Card/Visa card only).


1. Prewash new clothing for shrinkage before altering,
2. Bring proper shoes and under garments to fitting,
3. For all premeasured clothing! Measure twice, we only cut once!